Colchester Council offers land up for business opportunities

Colchester Council is mounting a search for entrepreneurial buyers for a plot of land near the A12, as part of its efforts to create jobs and generate income in the borough.

The council is hoping that any buyer of the land, which is listed for employment use, will transform it into a leisure development, perhaps containing a cinema, restaurants or a hotel. The local councillor responsible for resources, Paul Smith, said the land could potentially be used for commercial or industrial purposes.

The plot is in an excellent location on the A12, immediately adjacent to the proposed park-and-ride site near the Cuckoo Farm junction.

“The park-and-ride is going to attract a lot of people and generate customers throughout the day,” Mr Smith explained.

“We are thinking of looking for restaurants, perhaps like TGI Friday, which would make use of the park-and-ride facilities at night when parking spaces are not in use. We are thinking of a food court, but also entertainment, maybe a cinema, something on those lines. That is a possibility. There is certainly the potential for that.’’

He said they were also looking at the potential for a hotel to be built on the southern side of the A12, next to the local community stadium.