Community rallies to find alternative buyer for pub

People in Aldershot are rallying around to try to find a buyer for their local pub, which they fear could be sold to developers and knocked down.

The locals are trying to save the popular Railway Tavern in Grosvenor Road, stating that the loss of the 100-year-old pub would strike a blow at the very heart of the community.

The successful pub is part of the portfolio of taverns being sold off by hospitality giant Admiral Taverns. The freehold of the property is currently being advertised for sale with a price tag of £275,000, although the marketing materials appear to be positioning it less as a business more as a site that could be redeveloped.

Admiral Taverns did not comment on the future for the pub, other than to say, "The Railway Tavern is being sold as it no longer fits with our portfolio."

Current landlord, Darius Cottrell, said he was firmly behind the fight to find a buyer that would keep the pub going. He said that many people in the community had contributed to reestablishing the once run-down pub as a popular and welcoming venue, and just as many would miss it if it closes.

"I think it would be a bit of a blow as there are a lot of local pubs disappearing which doesn't leave many of us left," he said.