Cumbrian pub - with railway carriage - up for sale

A Cumbrian pub that offers the unique experience of dining in a decommissioned vintage railway carriage has been put on the market for £750,000.

The Hound Inn in Arlecdon as had the 1954 railway carriage located in its grounds since 2000, where it offers dining and bar services for 30 people, who can enjoy many of the carriage's original features - including ornate wood panelling and gold-coloured curtains.

The current landlords of the pub for sale - which dates all the way back to 1863 - decided to put the venture up for sale due to "family commitments".

Former landlord, Terry Dempsey - who was responsible for bringing the carriage to the business - said that it added a certain quirk and a lot of history to the premises. Mr Dempsey had been seeking to extend the pub, but after finding that option to be impractical, opted for a carriage extension - and found just what he was looking for after a year of searching, standing at Canforth Station.

The 37-ton, 42-seater coach played a part in British political history in 1979, when it was commissioned as a Royal Train to carry the body of Lord Mountbatten - who had been killed by an IRA bomb - from Waterloo Station to Romsey in Hampshire.

The Hound Inn has a turnover of £183,000 and boasts "breathtaking views" and "beautiful grounds" according to agents acting for the landlords.