Majority of investors believe 'time is right' for buying businesses

Eighty-one per cent of buyers believe that now is a suitable time to snap up commercial interests.

According to new research from, the vast majority of stakeholders, including speculators, business owners and agents, were convinced it was the right time to carry out business transactions including acquisitions.

Forty-nine per cent of those questioned in the survey cited possible bargain prices as the main reason behind their motivation to look to purchase a business.

Other reasons behind the rise in interest in acquisitions included those who enjoyed reversing the fortunes of failed businesses and making them into a success once more.

Buying a commercial enterprise in which to set up a family was also cited as another reason, according to

Investors now see acquiring existing businesses as a simpler option that starting up a new company from scratch. They also view acquiring a business with a proven track record and a loyal customer base as far less of a risk than starting afresh.

Sixty-eight per cent of those investors looking to acquire new businesses were turning to the banks for finance, despite lending criteria remaining tight. Twenty-nine per cent asked for assistance from family or friends to finance the acquisition whilst others remortgaged property to do so.

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