New Year's resolutions: Inspiration for small businesses

Forget the gym and the traditional January diet. This New Year, choose a resolution that will help your small business grow and succeed, regardless of the bumps in the road you may have to face throughout the year.

We've put together a list of five possible New Year's resolutions that might help you steer your business on the right path in 2019.

1. Manage your cash flow more effectively

If you are a freelancer or the type of business that struggles with drastic ups and downs in terms of cash flow, you should set yourself the task of better cash flow management. This could also help you find the money to invest back into your business or ensure you're feeling more comfortable about your day-to-day business finances and prepared for any unexpected costs that come your way.

2. Improve your digital presence

Having a strong digital presence is vital to the success of your business in the modern business world, so if you've neglected to update your website or ensure you are mobile friendly, this is the year to tackle those issues. It's also important to ensure your digital presence is a key factor in your 2019 marketing plan, which should be increasingly looking towards cloud and internet services as the effectiveness of print marketing begins to decrease.

3. Go social with your business

Don't put off social media any longer. Social networking and content strategy should play an important role in your plan for growth and innovation. If you haven't already, set up some new social media accounts and create a blog that will help cement your authority in your field of expertise. A successful blog will also give you a platform from which to communicate with other businesses in your industry, helping you build a relationship with those who could benefit you.

4. Charge what you/your products are worth

It's easy to think that undercharging is an effective way of winning and retaining clients from others in your industry, but being competitive is more effective than underselling yourself. If you market to the right audience and make sure your content strategy is effective, you should be able to win over enough customers while charging what your services and goods are really worth.

5. Delegate more and communicate better

Struggling to keep up with your work? This year, focus on creating more effective communication channels with your employees to make sure they are achieving the levels of work you need and have high levels of morale conducive to successful work. Additionally, effective communication can help you delegate to your team, so you can avoid wearing too many hats and get on with the work that only you can do.

Regardless of the New Year's resolution you choose, get going as soon as possible to give yourself, your business and your employees a positive start to 2019.