Pizza people promise activity aplenty in fast food sector

Expect to see more restaurants for sale springing up in the coming months and years – perfect if you're looking to bring a touch of authentic Italian (well, Italian American) flavour to the business table.

US-owned pizza delivery franchiser Papa John's is set to open ten new stores before the year is out, bringing its 2009 total to 40. Over the next five years, the company aims to have "at least 300" outlets running.

And there's more: Papa John's is investing an impressive £5 million in a new fresh dough facility to support its UK growth plans. Covering nearly 50,000 square feet, the Quality Control Centre is scheduled to open in Milton Keynes during the first three months of 2010.

Ian Saunders, UK managing director for the chain, reckons the plant is a vital development moving forward, since "Papa John's is famous for using 100 per cent fresh dough 100 per cent of the time".

He also says the firm believes the plant will let them "reach for the sky in the UK pizza delivery market", stating that the purchase of the site "is further proof that Papa John's UK is going places".