Making contact with a potential acquisition target

When looking for a business to buy, you’ll likely compile a shortlist of potential targets before you begin the process in earnest. Once you have these targets, the next step will be to make contact with the owners to sound out the possibility of a sale.

This is a potentially hazardous first step, as going about it in the wrong way can mean the process ends before it even starts. Here are some possible methods of contacting a pot... Continue Reading

Why buy an existing business?

While it’s true that taking the entrepreneurial route and starting your own business can be hugely rewarding, there can also be a great deal of satisfaction in acquiring an existing business and helping it achieve even greater success than it may have done in the past.

Whether to start a business from scratch or acquire an existing one will often depend on the kind of business you’re looking to own. It might be that you’ve ide... Continue Reading

Preparing your business for inflation

It’s little secret by now that inflation is rising sharply and everyone is feeling the pinch. While there were of course warning signs pointing towards this, the rate at which inflation has soared over recent months will have doubtless left many people and business owners unprepared.

Small and medium-sized businesses in the UK are some of the worst affected by rising inflation, with a new survey from Fiverr revealing that UK SMEs... Continue Reading

Exiting your business at the right time

One of the key elements of a good exit strategy is knowing, or at least having a decent idea of, the circumstances in which you would ideally like to exit. We’re not talking about an unfortunate scenario in which your business is struggling and you’re forced to find a buyer or enter insolvency or liquidation.

Here, we'll examine some situations in which you'd be leaving for the right reasons, with the decision being en... Continue Reading

Conducting due diligence on distressed acquisitions

With inflation soaring and the rising cost-of-living contracting household spending, small business owners looking to move into growth mode during 2022 may struggle to do so organically. This is where distressed acquisitions can be so valuable, offering an ideal route to inorganic growth... providing you can identify the right opportunities.

Business distress is currently rife in the UK, driven by a multitude of factors including i... Continue Reading

The advantages of selling your business online

The world has incessantly become more digital over the past three decades, particularly in business, and this is a trend that has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s no surprise, then, that company sales are increasingly taking place partly or completely online, from marketing to closing the deal.

While the importance of face-to-face communication to much M&A activity is likely to remain significant, online service... Continue Reading

Having an exit plan as a small business owner

If you’ve recently acquired or started a business, or even if you’ve been happily and successfully running one for several years, exiting the venture may be one of the furthest things from your mind. However, developing a solid exit plan now is highly advisable, even if you’re not planning on leaving for the foreseeable future.

With an exit strategy already in place, you will be better prepared for anything unexpected that the... Continue Reading

Selling a business: Do you need a broker?

Selling a business is a complicated time for any owner, it’s a lengthy, detailed process with many hurdles and issues to resolve before the desired result can be achieved. Particularly at the outset, the sale process can seem incredibly daunting.

As a result of this, and the overall complexity of the process, many sellers (especially those seeking to dispose of a business for the first time) will feel the need to engage a broker t... Continue Reading

Getting investors in at your small business or startup

As the UK economy emerges from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the thoughts of business owners are increasingly turning towards the future – rather than merely focusing on short-term survival.

However, startups and small businesses across the UK – the kinds of companies that would, ordinarily, be the motor of an economic recovery – are facing a simple problem that is seriously impacting their growth prospects: a funding sh... Continue Reading

Embracing online in the post-COVID world

With COVID-19 restrictions now ended and, despite high case numbers, not likely to return, many business owners may be anticipating the long-awaited return to “normality” that people have been looking forward to virtually since the day the pandemic began.

However, while there is plenty of evidence to suggest that people will return to more in-person shopping this year and that the growth of e-commerce will slow, small business o... Continue Reading

Should you go into business with your family?

For some people, the idea of going into business with a family member and potentially creating a venture that can be passed down to children and grandchildren is something they dream of. For others, personal and professional matters are things they want to keep strictly separate.

Going into business with someone from your family is a highly complex affair. On the one hand, even if a family business is something you’ve always wante... Continue Reading

Getting your business summer-ready

It might not seem like it if you look out the window, but summer is rapidly approaching and now is the best time to begin preparing for the summer months. Typically seen as somewhat of a slow period for many businesses, planning in advance can help to ensure owners get the most out of the season.

Get your plan set
A solid marketing strategy is vital as summer approaches, as you’ll need to keep customers and clients on... Continue Reading

The benefits of using accounting software as a small business

As businesses grow, accounting and financial management become far more time-consuming and complex tasks. In instances like this, the worry for small business owners is that potentially extremely costly errors may be made that could have far-reaching consequences.

When seeking to adapt accounting processes to match their growth, many business owners turn accounting software, which offer scalable, personalised solutions that enable b... Continue Reading

Starting a business in a sector that you love

Everyone in the world has their passions, the things they are obsessed with, their dream job. But, unfortunately, for many, it’s a simple fact of life that their professional life and what they are passionate about do not really cross over.

Even among business owners and self-employed workers, it’s common to find people who are working in a sector, industry or role that they have little to no real interest in. However, starting ... Continue Reading

Pivoting your business this new year

Amid the tumult of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the main things that has helped small and medium-sized businesses survive and remain resilient is the ability to quickly and decisively adapt to the challenges they face.

While some business owners laboured under the assumption that the pandemic would be a temporary thing and that the market would soon return to normal and others just followed their gut instincts, studies have shown t... Continue Reading